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Agent Testimonials

Insurance Agent
I started doing business with Greater Columbus Life and Health about 5 years ago. My agent is Derek Pierce. He has always been helpful but in the last 3 months my husband and I have had to make some decisions concerning our health insurance coverage. I find all insurance extremely confusing and I am not really very computer literate. Derek has helped me every step of the way from deciding what coverage we needed, to guiding me through the health care website. He is one of the most pleasant and helpful people I have ever dealt with. I can call him anytime and always get a friendly, kind and happy response. I want to recommend Greater Columbus Life and health and Derek Pierce specifically to anyone looking for a wonderful company where the agent really cares about your well being! Respectfully,

— Tammy P.

I referred a good client of mine with some pre-existing health conditions to Derek. He promptly took care of him. The carrier we use for health excluded his pre-existing health conditions, but Derek got him fully covered. My client asked Derek if he could also save him on his life insurance. Derek told him that he was just there for the health insurance. This life sale would have been over $3500 in commissions for Derek but because of his honesty and valuing a long term relationship, he walked away, even though he could save my client money.

— P+C Agent - Columbus

Derek has has helped me build my agency. When potential clients call in and we can't help them or are limited by underwriting or exclusion, we now can say, let me have Derek give you a call. Now the client feels indebted to us. Since Derek is not a P/C agent, he just gives them the coverage they are needing. Then he let's us know so we can quote the P/C.

— P+C Agent - Westerville

Client Testimonials

Finding Insurance Simplified
Derek at Greater Columbus Life and Health Solutions was recommended to me by a mutual friend and coworker several years ago. I have always found him to be very knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. This year, I am especially grateful for him due to all the changes in healthcare, not to mention increased cost of coverage. He found me the right plan at an affordable price. I was, to say the least, very frustrated and angry with my own search results. Derek was patient, attentive and found what I needed. I would highly recommend this company, and Derek to all my friends, family, coworkers, or anyone looking for insurance. He does a great job!

— Nola M.

Trusted Advisor and Friend
I've worked with Derek for years. He is a person I count on for sound advice and excellent support. Derek truly cares about my family and he always keeps our best interests in mind. He is honest, sincere, knowledgeable, and dependable. I have recommended him to family and friends and I will continue to do so.

— Joseph C.

Great Team
Incredibly helpful and genuinely want to get you the best health insurance suitable to you. Would love to work with them again. They go completely out of their way to make sure that you are looked after in an industry that is very confusing with companies pulling you left and right.

— Matthew B.

Great Service
I have been dealing with Greater Columbus Life and Health Solutions for about 5 years now and Derek has been great to deal with. He always helps me in understanding all the insurance lingo, so it makes it very helpful for me to pick and plan. Bottom line is that I am glad to know him when it comes to explaining insurance too so I can pick a plan that is right for me.

— Joe S.

Health Insurance

I had cancer back in '01. It was Melanoma on my back and was successfully removed with surgery. I shopped around and no health carriers would take me. My P+C agent told me to call Derek Pierce. I was surprised! I got a full coverage for all pre-existing health conditions!

— C.M. Westerville

I was paying over $1200 a month for my health insurance plan. My State Farm agent, who I've known since he was a child, recommended I call Greater Columbus Life and Health Solutions. Derek was able to take my deductible from $2500 down to $1000, and my prescription coverage was better. The result was an astonishing $500 a month savings. I couldn't believe this, better coverage at a better price! I was also happy I didn't have to pay an association fee and a monthly billing fee.

— P. M. Columbus

I called Greater Columbus Life and Health Solutions in desperation. You see, my son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 1998. He has been stable on his medications for over 5 years but every insurance company I called said they would not cover him. Since he had just graduated from college he would be kicked off our insurance plan. He could go to COBRA, but that was going to be $325 a month. Derek was so kind and understanding. He shopped out my son's case to several carriers. He placed my son with a great carrier and all pre-existing health conditions were covered. By the way, I didn't think $129 a month was a bad premium either.

— A.M. New Albany

Life Insurance

My son is a soldier. He came back from Desert Storm and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome. American family wasn't able to help him but my agent referred me over to Derek Pierce. My son was able to get a $50,000 policy with an immediate death benefit. I was very happy.

— B.K. Columbus

I am a diabetic and a little short. Okay, I'm 5'6" and weigh 270. I was told I couldn't get coverage due to my weight and then I mentioned I'm on insulin. I practically got the phone hung up on me. Well, my agent told me to call Derek. I did. I got the coverage. I didn't need a whole lot, but Derek was able to help me. I got an immediate death benefit.

— C.A. Worthington

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